The Most Infamous of All Pizzas Was Born in Canada

There’s a special relationship between Canadians and pizza, and that much we know – but very few people are actually aware that one of the staples among North-American pies was born at the hands of a Canadian of Greek descent, Sam Panopoulos, who sadly passed away in 2017.

Pineapple pizza, which is really called Hawaiian pizza, is delicious for some, infamous for others. It’s very existence is a matter of discussion – even of a political kind, with the president of Iceland recently declaring that he is fundamentally opposed to the idea of fruit on a pizza. Panopoulos and his brothers – as well as their many fans from all over the world – thought otherwise in the mid-Sixties, and appreciated the contrast between the savoury taste of the ham that was already on the pizza with the final touch of the sweet after kick of the pineapple.

One thing is for sure: there’s no grey zone with pineapple/Hawaiian pizza: you either love this or you hate it, and a recent poll showed that it is now one of the most available toppings in Canada – it’s even one of the most ordered types of pizza in Montreal!

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